Kazakhstan – Land of Wanderers


7 Nights 8 Days

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The tour package Inclusions  

  • Accommodation in Hotel with breakfast
  • All sightseeing English speaking guide
  • All transfers and sightseeing by minibus as per program
  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Entry fees for the monument
  • Water bottle in the car 0.5 per day per person
  • Travel Tax (5%) at the hotel
  • Kazakhstan visa (free, on arrival)

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  • Vacation Style Holiday Type
  • Activity Level Challenging
  • Group Size Small Group
All about the Kazakhstan – Land of Wanderers.

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  1. Day 01 Delhi – Almaty

    Arrival to the Airport
    Transfer to the hotel 14:00 Check in

    Kok Tobe by Cable car – Kok-Tube is a mountain located in the immediate vicinity of the city of Almaty. The altitude is 1130 m above sea level. You can climb the Kok-Tube both along the winding highway or by cable car. The cable car originates from the square near the Palace of the Republic. The cable car stretches over a part of the old town. The length of the cable car is 1,727m, the travel time is 6 minutes, during which you can observe the life of the city. Green gardens, private houses are spread out below, and behind them stretch the endless city skyscrapers. The upper station is located on the territory of the Kok-Tobe Park. The territory of 4 the Park is well maintained and has a modern infrastructure. Where you can walk along
    picturesque terrace and alleys, relax comfortably in a cafe or restaurant, and visit an amusement Park with a Ferris wheel. On the slope of the Kok-Tube mountain there is the famous 372-meter Almaty Television Tower — one of the peculiar symbols of the city and its highest building.

    Transport, guide: 4HRS + transfer
    Entry included: Cable car

  2. Day 02 Almaty Sightseeing

    Almaty City tour – Almaty is a city rich in greenery, located in the bowl of the most beautiful
    mountains of the Trans-Ili Alatau. During the city tour, we will see (photo stops) the main sights
    of the city: the architectural structures of the Central Stadium, Sports Palace, Almaty Arena,
    Circus, Drama Theater, Opera and Ballet Theater, Palace of the Republic, Independence
    Monument – are a symbol not only of the city, but also of the whole modern Kazakhstan,
    Central State Museum, glass and concrete structures – Nurly Tau, Esentai, Almaty Arbat
    (pedestrian street), Park named after 28 Panfilov Guards – is the most popular recreation park in
    Almaty. In the center of the park is the Ascension Cathedral built in 1907, made of wood without
    a single nail. The territory of the park is all planted with trees, flower beds, and lawns.
    Metro Tour – Almaty metro is one of the most beautiful and deepest in the world. Each station is
    decorated with granite, marble, mosaics, engraved national ornaments, and paintings.
    Shopping at Green Bazar with outlet of Rahat (chocolate factory)


    The Green Bazaar in Almaty looks like an ordinary oriental bazaar, where they sell everything
    that your heart desires: from meat, spices and fruits to textiles and furniture. Here everyone is
    always haggling fervently, sellers are vying to praise their goods and strive to treat customers;
    buyers, in turn, choose, communicate, in general, life is in full swing. Someone admires the
    green bazaar with the abundance of goods and the noisy and colorful colorful
    atmosphere of the real East.
    Falkon Hunting show at Sunkar Farm – 4HRS (Wed-Sun, 17:00)
    Falcon nursery Sunkar is located in a mountain gorge, near the Big Almaty lake. You will see an
    amazing show that demonstrates the skills of hunting birds of prey. The first bird – owl
    Grandmother. Grandmother about 2-3 months and it still has not gone the teenage fluff, but
    highly professionally lacks production. Arrow flying eagles, snatching prey in the air.
    Scavengers – menacing birds, those with long necks and are able to eat bones. Eagles –
    powerful, strong, fascinating beauty of flight. Host of the show takes You into the world of
    relations between man and bird, in a fantastic environment, in a unique world.
    A trip to” Sunkar ” will be the pearl of Your trip to Kazakhstan!
    Transport, guide: 12HRS
    Entry included: Metro, Falcon Show.

  3. Day 03 Day trip to Charyn Canyon

    Charyn Canyon Tour. Charyn Canyon is one of the most impressive places in Kazakhstan, a
    unique natural monument that is part of the Charyn National Park. The canyon stretches for 154
    km along the Charyn River. An amazing natural monument is composed of sedimentary rocks,
    the age of which is about 12 million years. The height ranges from 150 to 300 meters.


    Excursions also include visits to such famous places on the territory of the Charyn Canyon as the
    Valley of Castles or the Red Canyon, the Yellow Canyon or the valley of Yurts, Ash Grove and
    much more.
    Transport, guide: 12HRS
    Entry included: Eco fee

  4. Day 04 Day trip to Kolsai Lake

    Kolsai Lake 1 or Lower Kolsai Lake or Nizhny Kolsai Lake is close to Saty village. You need to
    drive uphill from Saty village for about 15 km. The lake shows its deep colors during sunset and
    sunrise time. Over here, you can do boat riding or pitch tents around the lake or enjoy a good
    Transport, guide: 12HRS
    Entry included: Eco fee

  5. Day 05 Day trip to Tamgaly-Tas, Buddha carving

    Tamgaly-Tas gorge, Rock carvings of Buddha X Century and Nomad Fortress
    A hundred kilometers from Almaty is the Tamgaly-Tas gorge, on the river Ily, where many
    petroglyphs, images of mysterious deities, and Buddhist carvings have been preserved on the
    rocks. The most famous are the images of the Buddha, the sacred text under which reads in
    Sanskrit: & Blessed be the one born of the lotus.“The image of Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara, to
    whom one of the most famous Buddhist mantras “Om Mani Padme Hum” is dedicated, is
    depicted on the central rock of the Tamgaly-Tas. One of the legends says that in the X century,
    when one of the Buddhist missions stopped on the riverbank or during a hike in Semirechye, an
    earthquake occurred and a large piece of rock fell to the ground. This phenomenon was regarded
    as a sign of the need for travelers to return to India. On a broken piece of rock they carved three
    images of the Buddha and a few letters in Sanskrit. Along the river Ily Caravans from China,
    India, Iran and Uzbekistan used to travel along or along the Silk Road.
    Nomad Fortress – Above Tamgaly-Tas, on the left bank of Ily river (we will take a short ride by
    boat) there is a fortress … well, like a fortress, it is the movie set for “Nomad”, which was filmed
    in these places in the early 2000s. Scenes with Tamerlane were filmed here. The fortress is open
    for excursions, and various ethno-festivals, in general, an interesting place.
    Transport, guide: 12HRS
    Entry included: Nomad Fortress

  6. Day 06 Day trip to Issyk Lake

    During the tour you will enjoy stunning views of nature and breathe fresh mountain air and visit
    many interesting places.
    The Museum of the Golden Man “Altyn Adam” – Museum located in Turgen Gorge, one of
    the most beautiful and interesting places in the vicinity of Almaty. It is here the grandiose kurgan
    complex “ Saki mounds”is located. These 45 earthen pyramids stretch for 3 kilometers, they are
    often compared to the Egyptian pyramids. Here, in 1969, under one of the mounds — “Issyk”
    — Kazakh archaeologists discovered the remains of a Saka warrior in golden robes, now known
    as the “Golden Man” The warrior buried in the mound was an image of an ancient ruler, who
    was called the “Kazakh Tutankhamun”. His clothes and headdress were embroidered with gold
    plaques. The winged tulpara horses depicted on his crown have become part of the national
    emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In the burial chamber, archaeologists found more than
    4,000 gold jewelry and precious objects, as well as the remains of an iron sword and dagger that
    once decorated the ceremonial armor of a buried warrior (VII–III centuries BC).
    Issyk Lake – is a picturesque Alpine lake Issyk, surrounded by mountains of the Trans-Ili
    Alatau, which figuratively serves as a gateway to the Issyk Gorge. The lake changes color
    depending on the weather and time of day from azure to turquoise. The lake is located at an
    altitude of 1760 meters above the sea level.
    Trout farm with Lunch – You will have the opportunity to catch royal trout fish. After all, in
    ancient times only noble and rich people were supposed to eat this fish. After catching a fish, it
    will be cooked for you, and you will be able to appreciate its taste


    Turgen waterfalls – an easy walk of 1 km to the waterfall ”Bear”;. The waterfall is powerful,
    about 30 m high.The road to the waterfall is very picturesque with bridges and fruit trees.
    Ostrich farm – ostriches were imported from Africa. To date, these exotic birds have adapted to
    our climate.
    Transport, guide: 9HRS
    Entry included: The Museum of the Golden Man “Altyn Adam”, Trout Farm

  7. Day 07 Visit to Shymbulak by cable car

    Shymbulak by cable car
    Chimbulak and Medeo are the most popular holiday destinations not only for Almaty residents,
    but also for guests of the southern capital. The world- famous alpine skating rink Medeo is
    famous for its world speed skating records, as well as mass skating for people of any age. By
    cable car you will climb to the Chimbulak on 3200 mtr above sea level, where in winter you can
    ski and in summer reaching the highest point, to the Talgar pass, you can hike through the
    mountains, admiring the nature of Chimbulak.
    Ethno Center Nomad with Interactive program
    Nomad is a unique historical and ethnographic complex, spread out in the open air in the
    foothills of Ush Konyr, Almaty region. In ethnic village, you will get acquainted with the life and
    traditions of the nomadic peoples of Kazakhstan, see a real yurt (traditional house), and take a
    photo shoot in traditional clothes. In the program: horseback riding, archery, acquaintance with
    the armor and weapons of nomads; master class in national cuisine. Local lunch included
    Transport, guide: 10HRS
    Entry included: Cable car, Nomad

  8. Day 08 Departure

    Transfer to the airport with happy memories
    Car: Only transfers


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